What's the most important thing to do on Friday, Sept 4th?  Take an art break!  Knock off work early, grab your boss, grab your boss’s boss, or make a new friend (just think like a preschooler) with the person standing next to you and bring them along AND make some art for FREE!  You ALL deserve an art break. 

We'll see you at Context Clothing, 113 King Street, Friday, Sept 4, 2015, anytime 12-5pm.

We will be giving away a free art kit called, ART IN YOUR POCKET while supplies last!


Art Break Day is a free art event that takes place annually on the first Friday in September.  Art making stations “pop-up” around the globe and everyone is invited to sit down, take a break, and make art for FREE!  Yes, it really is a worldwide movement and we're part of it!